Training Course - Understanding your dogs body language.


Understanding your dogs body language.🐶

Workshop Objectives:

  • To provide participants with a deeper understanding of canine body language.
  • To show some real life examples.
  • To equip attendees with the knowledge to better communicate with and care for dogs, and to understand other dogs body language. 
  • To enhance the relationship between humans and their canine companions.
  • To create a comfortable, interactive learning environment.
  • Light refreshments available thru ought the morning, course running from 09.30am start and finishing at 12.30. 

This interactive course teaches you how to understand your dog's body language, increasing your knowledge and providing insights into their behaviour. With expert guidance from Dawn herself and educational materials, you will gain a deeper understanding of your furry companion and how to communicate effectively with them.

Free gift for all attendees and a fact sheet to take away.