Absolutely amazing service and quality. My puppy gets all her raw food and her treats from here now as they are all natural and she loves the taste!

Greg Hoole


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With your dogs' needs in mind these natural products were produced to be loved by owners and by dogs!

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Darcie is our first puppy we were introduced to a raw food diet by Dawn & Lilly and we havent looked back our pup is happy and healthy! Loves all the flavours especially the tripe ones!

Adam Farrell

Lilly & Tucker 💙 🐾

These two are inseparable! They are best mates!

Me and Lilly own a daycare centre for dogs and a luxury doggy hotel 🐶

Rose Cottage Doggy Daycare

Tucker was born in October 2019 he was one of 5 pups from his beautiful mum Molly who was my first own dog over 11 years ago.

Already having mum Molly and two other dogs keeping a pup was not an option... However Lilly's heart was melted and the bond they shared from the onset made it impossible for me to say no! It was just how I was with Molly ❤️

Why every child needs a dog!

Lilly feeds Tucker a raw diet of which we are now stockists of and we highly reccomend.

She didnt want to reward Tucker for good behaviour with anything other than natural nutritional treats so therefore we researched the science behind great treats and became stockists of them too.

Both of them are on a mission to educate doggy owners worldwide that natural is always best!

Join us on their journey....

As a fussy dog owner I only wanted the best treats for my dog! Happy to say I've purchased some products recomended by Lilly & Tucker and my lab Pippa loves them! Thank you.

Michelle Rowley Brown