Hire the Field of Freedom




We have two fields available for hire… A larger 8ft fenced field allowing dogs to run free without the fear of them escaping or jumping the fences or a slightly smaller 6ft fenced agility field which has all the equipment you need for practising agility with your dogs. 

You can hire either of our fields  to let your dogs have a good run around off lead safe in the knowledge they cant escape!!

Why not meet a friend for a small additional fee (Max 3 Dogs per household).

Please note, we do require all dogs to be fully vaccinated against the following vaccinations, Lepto, DHP and Kennel Cough before attending the premises. Please email a copy of your dog(s) up-to date vaccination card to info@rosecottagedoggydaycare.co.uk this ensures that all dogs attending Rose Cottage are safe, healthy and reduces the spread of infections.

60 mins £10 max 3 dogs per household (additional dogs from different households are welcome but will be charged on arrival. Cash or card payments  for additional dogs please call us to discuss 07809 895348).

30 mins £7.50 Hire Max 3 dogs per household (additional dogs welcome, but will be charged on arrival cash or card payments for additional dogs).

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Are you a dog walker? Dog trainer or agility enthusiast… Call us for a personalised quote!!

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