Raw Dog Food & Natural Treats

Have you ever considered feeding your dog a raw food diet?
If it's crossed your mind, but you're unsure, consider Lilly's points below:
• Less ‘doggy’ smell 
• Toilet habits are much nicer to handle! 
• Shiny, glossy and non-greasy coat 
• Sparkly teeth and odourless breath – forever…
• Pure enthusiasm about food (yes, even more!) 
• Raw is perfect for yeasty, colitis-y, itchy, sore and smelly dogs!
• Less itching
• Less hyperactivity
• More content 
• Less disease – lives for longer
• Vets bills a lot less!

Sound good to you??

Each block is 454g

The Basics Behind a Raw Food Diet!
A dog is designed from its teeth, through its physical attributes to its digestive system to complement a diet of raw meat, bone and offal.   As such it has multiple benefits just some of which are listed above!!🐾
 Raw food is designed with the dogs' best interests at heart hence why we highly recommend it!!
Their digestive systems are not designed to digest carbohydrates! Therefore if you love ❤️ your dog and want the best for them we recommend you choose a raw food diet!

Healthy dog treats – Dogs love a treat as much as we do!

Little treats for your dogs

Dogs love a treat as much as we do, and we love to give them treats!  Make them healthy dog treats…  We know how bad treats can be for us, it is the same for your dog.  It is important to make sure we make their treats as healthy as possible.

Dogs love a treat as much as we do!

Healthy dog treats can be used to reinforce good behaviour or as a training reward and, of course, just to brighten your dog’s day, give them variety and show them you love them!

But just like dog foods, not all dog treats are made equal.  Some lack nutritional value and are filled with junk ingredients and artificial additives, so it’s important to choose natural, healthy dog treats for your faithful hound!.


Natural dog treats

What to look for in a healthy dog treat

A healthy dog treat should:

  • Be free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings, to which your dog may be sensitive
  • Contain no added sugar
  • Contain no ‘fillers’—bulking ingredients with no nutritional value
  • Contain simple, natural ingredients carefully prepared to preserve their nutrients and flavour
  • Be delicious—and keep your dog coming back for more!

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